First Meteor Scatter QSO from China ever by BY1QH

BY1QH WKD JA9BOH for first ever (?) meteor scatter QSO from BY.
It was definately the first BY - JA QSO via MS on 144 MHz.

The QSO took place on 144.083 MHz
August 12, 2000-2120 UTC
Mode was high speed CW, 1000 lpm

During the QSO BY1QH copied 10 reflections from JA9BOH, the longest
being one which lasted 13 seconds, and two lasting 7 seconds.

JA9BOH used a PC for keying and recording
BY1QH used a memory keyer and a tape recorder

JA9BOH is located in PM86FA
BY1QH is located in ON80DA
QRB is 1816 km

Due to bad take-off at JA9BOH in the direction towards BY1QH the
QSO had to be made with side scatter, hence both stations turned
their antennas 15 degrees to the south of the staight line between
the stations.

An earlier attempt 1100-1300 UTC produced only one reflection in which JA9BOH copied BY1QH.